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A WALK IN is the debut album from The Electra Woods.

Written, recorded and produced in a house at the edge of a city and a forest, the songs likewise fuse urban with pastoral - the natural, acoustic elements (harp, guitar, human voice) are sampled and processed alongside beats and synthetic textures to create an evocative soundscape into which intimate vocals tell their story.

The album is accompanied by a series of videos that reflect the poetic, hallucinogenic journeying of the songs in visual codes of monochrome, Technicolor, neon and sepia – and similarly use found, processed digital source material alongside performance to recreate the enhanced super nature world of the album.

The Synthetic Weekend video by Sam Smith data-moshes Google Earth into a continental descent through America, with a mid point baptism in the Atlantic; Snow travels the winterland of Europe accompanied by totemic northern hemisphere animals; while Dirty Explanation is a mute mime performance from a paper padded box – the latter both produced in collaboration with artist/video maker Dean Brannagan.

The albums re-release is marked by a glitched botanical time lapse journey for Slow Dance, a video collaboration between Julie and photographer Aava Anttinen.


1.     Slow Dance

2.     Americana

3.     Dirty Explanation

4.     Synthetic Weekend

5.     Twist

6.     The Weirdness

7.     (Only) Human

8.     Fantastic

9.     Snow

10.   Angelic



RELEASE DATE:   02/06/16

CAT. NO.        DRSD004


All tracks written, recorded, produced by The Electra Woods (Julie Wilkins)
Mastered by Mark Beazley

A WALK IN album remixes from Rothko, Gagarin, More Dog and Rob Tolson beautifully amplify the space, atmosphere and abstract dance elements of the songs.



1.     Dirty Explanation Rothko Remix

2.     Dirty Explanation Gagarin Remix

3.     Twist More Dog Remix

4.     Americana Rob Tolson Remix

5.     Snow Celestial Remix



RELEASE DATE:       02/06/16

CAT. NO.            DRSD005

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TItled after a laundrette in Walthamstow, East London. EP of six semi-water themed tracks of (mechanised) cleansing, a kind of end of cycle rinse, darkness to light story – moving from the dark lyricism of DIY Country & Vangelis of opening track Motor, Larry Heard homage titling of the classically infused Washing Machine and sly cruise ship easy listening of FAO Jazz, through to the final torch song minimalism of Rain.



1.     Motor

2.     Aqualung

3.     Washing Machine

4.     Violent Homespun

5.     F.A.O. Jazz

6.     Rain


FORMAT:           Digital, EP

RELEASE DATE:     26/05/16

CAT. NO.          DRSD003


All tracks written/recorded/produced J Wilkins
Production/mastering co-ordination M Beazley


Single & Remixes

Released ahead of the DEEP CLEAN EP, lead track Motor - a black song written from a black car in a black phase of life - is accompanied by an optimistically existential karoake video and remixes from the brilliantly shamanic Snapped Ankles and minimalist electronician Clas Tuuth.


1.     Motor - The Electra Woods

2.     Motor - Clas Tuuth Remix

3.     Motor - Snapped Ankles Remix


FORMAT:                       Digital Single/Remixes

RELEASE DATE:                 12/05/16

CAT. NO.                      DRSD003

With thanks to Links:

Snapped Ankles

Clas Tuuth




Singles with Video

Released as part of the DRESS LTD labels get born again BLACK PHASE Project 0 - The previously unseen/unreleased.

MONEY TREE originally recorded in 2011, is a crunchy distorted-bass bounce - a whispered and imploring complaint of a song, accompanied by a slapstick noir performance video, improvised on the streets of Hackney Wick, London.

The AMERICANA/REMIX is Rob Tolson’s beautiful, elevated, beat driven re-imagining of the original AMERICANA - a dark candy electronica meets country track from debut album, A WALK IN, and accompanied by a sepia solo dancing-with-myself performance video.

Both track videos are collaborations between The Electra Woods and artist/video maker Dean Brannagan.





FORMAT:             Digital Single

RELEASE DATE:       28/04/16

CAT. NO.            DRSD001