An interrupted transmission video for Rain, closing track of The Electra Woods DEEP CLEAN EP. Video collaboration photographer/artist Aava Anttinen


A slapstick noir performance video for Money Tree - from single release INTO LIGHT , improvised on the streets of Hackney Wick, East London at going home time....Video: performance collaboration with artist/video maker Dean Brannagan


Mute performance in a paper padded cell for Dirty Explanation, track debut album A WALK IN. Video: Dean Brannagan. Performance collaboration inspired by his Room photographic series.


To mark the re-release of the debut album A WALK IN, a glitched timelapsed botanical journey for opening track Slow Dance.
Video: collaboration with artist/photographer Aava Anttinen


Transcontinental data mosh journeying video by photographer/documentary traveller Sam Smith.


Existential Karaoke Video for Motor, single released with remixes, and a track from DEEP CLEAN EP.


A bleached out sepia Saturday night solo-dancing-with-myself performance video for single track Americana/Remix. Video: collaboration Dean Brannagan/Julie Wilkins.


Northern hemisphere totemic animals in an hallucingenic winter landscape for Snow - album track from A WALK IN. Video: Dean Brannagan